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Thank God for his grace and mercy

Today I’m just thankful that there are many blessings from God that I didn’t deserve but I got. I’m always thinking about what is going on in my life in the now moment and I find away to always want more.

This is not a bad thing at all but when I began to complain about where I am this is the lack of truly being grateful from where God brought me from.

When I look back on my life and what God brought me through there should be a praise that’s everlasting. I remember when I was young and how I was so wild.

Most people that know me now or met when I was older couldn’t believe the things I was into when I was younger. When I was in my early 20’s I began to smoke weed, party all the time, sleep with all kind of men, and I was truly reckless with my life.

Because of God’s Mercy I didn’t end up with a baby out of wedlock or a incurable disease. I wasn’t strung out on drugs but was saved from my own self harm.

There was always this feeling inside me that I wanted better for my life but I just didn’t know how to quit the habits that had led me to this road. It wasn’t until God snatches me from a deep depression did things began to change in my life.

I didn’t do anything right to be saved, I hadn’t stopped doing what I was doing but he saved me by his grace alone. This made me think about those individuals in my life that God has called me to show grace and mercy to.

Lately I found myself judging when those closest to me couldn’t get right but they so desperately wanted to. Yet I’m reminded onto today to show them grace and mercy like God has shown me all my life.

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