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Spring Getaway (3).PNG

This event is about taking time for yourself. Getting away from the busyness of life and spending quiet time with God in nature. Spring Getaway's focus is on creating the opportunity to disconnect from the world and be amid of nature of God's beauty. In the heart of Rocksprings, TX, women gather for Campfire worship, Fellowship, Biblical Teaching, Nature Hikes with River activities, &  intimate downtime with the Creator Himself. 


This event is about inner community influencing the inner community. Women-owned businesses rooted in the heart of El Paso understand what it is to build a business from the ground up in this city. This Summit is for strong women uniting together to share their tools, resources, and experiences with the next woman as she builds, scales, and expands her business. The W.O.V.E.N Summit's focus is on creating the opportunity to develop an authentic community network for women-owned businesses in Fort Bliss, El Paso, and the surrounding area.

This Summit is about you!
"Alone, we go faster, but together we go further."

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