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How sweet the taste of Your promise is!

Psalm 119:103

(God's Word Translation) 

  Hi! I'm Barbara Logan, I am a military spouse of an Active Service Member of the United States Army for over nine years; I am a mother of three, an Entrepreneur,  Speaker, Freelance writer, and  also the Founder and CEO of Sisterhood Ministry 

How It Started

I’ve always had a heart for women’s ministry—way before this thing called, the "military life." In fact, it was through a women’s bible study that I learned that I could have an obtainable relationship with Jesus Christ. You see, I use to tell people I met Jesus at a Wendy’s, in the Southside of Austin, TX, not at a church building! Yes, I did! God used these women to show me what His love and acceptance look like, and because they were intentional with me, I understand what it means to build intentional connections with others and show others the way, in Christ.  


It can be a significant life-changer as you work out your Salvation with God—what better way to do that than by creating intentional connections that welcome spiritual growth. 

I also want to take the time to invite you to read my blogs as I share my experience as I, too, grow in this ministry journey. I pray that God's word shared on you will actively encourage you and inspire you to be bold in your Faith as you progress in your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. 


Sisterhood Ministry wants to share what it looks like to move into Kingdom Business Leadership.  

Join me through this journey and experience what can happen when you say "YES" to God.

For His Glory!

About Me

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