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Her Testimony

Discover the amazing stories that reside within

Paso Del Norte Women's Ministry!

Hear from other Kingdom-minded women that made this ministry possible.

Ileana Suarez

Paso Del Norte Women’s Ministry was a blessing from day one. Through the power of prayer and fasting, God's amazing grace blessed me. Being told I had a malignant tumor on my fallopian tubes and uterus scarring scared me. However, soon after I found out I was pregnant and the thought of chemotherapy scared me. The doctors told me I would lose my child because of how heavy the chemotherapy treatment would be. I had been praying for that pregnancy for over 5 years to happen and being told that I would have to abort was devastating. With the prayer of the church, family, friends, the women from the Paso Del Norte Ministry and God's grace, I was able to have a healthy baby boy. The pregnancy also took care of the tumor that was in my body. The doctors were amazed that the tumor was completely gone and called it spontaneous remission. They didn't know what to tell me but I sure told them how Father God was able to save me. I have been getting checked every 6 months and have had no adnormal tests. A few months after his birth I also found out I was having another boy! I'm now blessed with 3 children!

Jennifer Morales

When we got orders to leave Ft. Benning to move to Ft. Bliss one of the first groups I joined for my future residency was Paso Del Norte Woman's Ministry. I was eager to connect with the ladies on this group as I saw their commitment to the community through outreaches, the fellowship they had amongst them and the fact that they offer time for girls nights, through a safe environment (something that every mom needs). Now that I am with this ministry, it's a blessing to know that I have a sister that can help me navigate through the struggles of being a military spouse.
The ladies that form this ministry have become family to me in a place that I am not familiar with.
Thank you PDNWM

Rudy Eskridge

Paso Del Norte Women’s Ministry has helped me grow in Christ and I am truly thankful for this ministry. I have never been to a duty station with a bible study group right in our neighborhood. I knew it was a sign saying “Go and gain a deeper relationship with me” from God. So glad I made that choice to attend Fall of 2018. I grew up in a Christian household and have loved God my whole life but I wasn’t truly living for him and seeking him. PDNWM has made me take that next step in studying his word everyday and seeking him in all I do. Matthew 6:33


I’ve been a part of this group for over 3 years. It has been an amazing journey! Being around like minded women and doing life together, to know that I have sisters that will uplift me brings me such joy. I thank God for Barbara and for her being obedient in starting this group. I wish I had this at other duty stations.

Andrea Mordarski

I loved being a part of this ministry, if only for a short while. I was able to grow and stretch my faith in so many ways! I was able to exercise my God -given passion for outreach. Learning with, and from the other women while studying His word was priceless and something I’ll always cherish. And finally, group outings made strangers, sisters. I am so thankful for the time I had as a member of the Paso Del Norte Women’s Ministry.

Barbara Logan

I've been so blessed beyond measure to have such amazing women of God surround me through the years being stationed at Fort Bliss. We have shared our pain and our joyous moments. We have shared our tears and laughs. Nothing compares to the deep genuine friendships I have made with these ladies; they are my sisters; they are my family.


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