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Worship In The Streets

Any street corner, any farmer's

market, any city Albert Charles goes out and plays on his saxophone. No mic, no tracks, just beautiful worship changing the atmosphere.

put it in our hearts to go out into the community & 

    The street ministry began in November of 2017.  Praise God people feel Jesus and drop donations in his bucket.  This is how he could go all the way to San Antonio and Worship in the Street there too.



Albert Charles did not like Christmas music because, being a career musician, he has played all the tunes and million times.  You get the picture of the high school band, Marine band, Marine band, Church band.  Well, he was amazed when God told him, "Go out and play for me.  Bring worship to the people of the city.  Worship in the streets for my glory."  So, being obedient, one day in November of 2017, he went off to play at a shopping center in Harlingen, Texas.  We prayed before he left, but like always, there will be a fight when you're doing something for the Kingdom.  When he parked, it was a battlefield of the mind.  Thoughts of people looking down on him, feelings of not being good enough all attacked him at once.  He stayed in that car for 30 minutes debating whether to stay and play or leave.  Praise God he dared to go out there and play.  No mic, no tracks, just his gift is worshiping the Lord on his saxophone.  People were blessed, people blessed my husband, he prayed over others, but most of all

God was exalted!

Now he loves Christmas music!

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