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Women's Ministry Outreach

Women's Ministry Outreach: Meet the Team

Paso Del Norte Women's Ministry networks with local Nonprofits in the area and with the Lord opportunities for outreach are created. With the vision to build community connections, distribution drives are developed by the need for Nonprofits and the military community through the Women's Ministry. We constantly strive to make a difference when the opportunity presents itself and invite you to learn more and lend your support by connecting with Sisterhood Ministry Network.

Women's Workshop for Local Community

June, 2021

We collected women's hygienic products for a local community nonprofit, Freedom in Christ Residential Center of El Paso. With donations collected from the military community our ministry was able to provide a workshop for the women that made up the program.


Fresh Fruit & Produce Distribution

July 2020- August. 2020

PDN Ministry has been blessed with the opportunity to give back to the local community through this time of the Pandemic COVID-19. We have and continue to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to a women with children transitional shelter home, La Posada Home Inc. Bi-weekly the families at La Posada have been able to receive 15 boxes of fresh produce and will continue to receive these boxes for as long as the LORD permits. (End Date has not been determined 🤗)
Box of Fruit & Produce consist of:
Romaine Lettuce/Head of Lettuce
5lbs bag of potatoes
Baby carrots


Supporting a local nonprofit after the pandemic

May 15 - June 15, 2020

We collected a total of 1200 items for week 4 of the food drive! All items collected were contributed by military families. Thank you all who have donated to the food drive for you eat I eat food pantry, hosted by paso Del Norte women’s ministry. The food drive has come to an end but your giving doesn’t have to. Again thanks for the support.


COVID-19 Outreach

April 10 & 18, 2020

Paso Del Norte Women's Ministry was given the opportunity to give back to the women and children that resided at La Posada Home. For two weeks through the month of April the families received boxes of nonperishable foods, boxes of Papa John Pizza, and pastries from a local Star Bucks. And all these items were contributed through a donation from You Eat I Eat Food Pantry.


Women’s Shelter Outreach

January 8, 2020

PDN orchestrated a blanket drive for La Posada Home a transitional homeless shelter for battered women and their children. Paso Del Norte Women’s Ministry was able to provide variety of blankets and fitted sheets for 14 families, and were given the opportunity to personally meet these women who resided at La Posada Home by spending one-on-one time with them in doing a workshop that advocated positive mental goal through a collage of images that represented their personal goals for that year (vision boards), a teaching from the Word of God, and passing out free bibles.


Involvement with Our Local Community Food Pantry

September 22, 2018

Much of Paso Del Norte Women’s Ministry community involvement was through a local food pantry, You Eat I Eat Unity Community Food Pantry. We began by promoting a clothes drives for You Eat I Eat Local Food Pantry which was the start of a new friendship, which opened doors for other collaborated events throughout the years.


Hunger & Homeless Awareness

November 17, 2018

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies in helping our community. Our ministry did a hygiene donation drive and contributed the donation for an event hosted by The Homeless Coalition of El Paso, TX. The ministry teamed with other vendors and gave away food and clothes to the homeless community of El Paso, TX.


Prayer Outreach

May, 2018

The very first outreach of Faith opened doors to opportunities I never would have imagined. We have dedicated ourselves to step up our efforts in addressing the importance of outreach. Prayer outreach is by no means an easy feat, but through the unity of agreement and God's help, He gave us the empowerment we believe that facilitated the progress we see now. The ministry handed out free water bottles, chips, and prayer to the local community of Northeast El Paso, TX.

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