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Keeping my joy

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

One thing that most of those around me know about me is that I am full of joy. This is definitely a gift from God because I have had many of things come to steal it.

Today my sister in the Lord reminded me of a video that she sent me maybe even a couple years back. She told me to watch it again and see if something new stood out for me.

She even reminded me of a particular part that ended up playing again and again in my mind. The video of a Bishop T.D Jakes sermon he is faced with the question with what area of your life is the enemy trying to attack with this situation.

He goes on to identify the area in which he was being attacked but it made me think about my situation. Why am I going through this in my marriage, especially when I’m far away from home and pregnant.

What do I have to lose, what is really at steak and what does the enemy wang so badly? Not only was I thinking that but in what area is God perfecting in me? What gift did he place in me that he is now trying to strengthen?

My answer is joy but yours might be love or peace or just discipline. For everyone this answer will be different but I just challenge yourself to ask yourselves these questions especially when dealing with difficult people and situations.

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