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In my spirit I feel a joy and a l push for change. I am changing my name something that took a little more than 2 years after I got married. While watching You Tube video’s I realize that I’m thinking differently, I’m growing, not only me but everything around me is growing.

My husband has become more attentive, kind, and loving then he was before. He treats me with warm kisses before he leaves and rubs my back when I feel the pains of child bearing (or the monthly cycle that gives is the early part of it).

I see my one year old son with four teeth watching waddling around the living room and picking up everything but his toys. The joy I feel to see the change of the season coming… The summer has came and went.

Celebrations of new chapter met me with fireworks in July. This July was spent celebrating my husband and my babies birthday with a trip to SeaWorld. This was our first family vacation, my babies first birthday, and the first time I went out of the country and sadly missed my husband’s 21st first birthday.

Which shifts me in to a mindset of focusing more on what my husband needs. The things that his spirit yearns for and show him what he needs without wanting anything else in return. This is something that I never thought about until now.

I am supposed to be doing a no spend month. Starting this month so far so good. I have been watching His and Her money and I really enjoy Talaat and Tai McNeely. Looking into how to be financially free and change my money habits.

Thomas Curley, the author of Rich Habits he shared some tips for being wealthy and I found that I need to change my habits. A few of the habits that really stuck out that I believe I need to apply are:

  1. To not watch TV or Reality TV

  2. Make a To-Do List

  3. Read and Learn something new

  4. Exercise

Overall, I thank God for this shift in the atmosphere. The shift in my focus and what I want out of life has changed. That I am more grateful for everything in my life and I notice that I am responsible for my life. That focusing on what I am grateful for and putting out the energy that I want instead of wanting it from people.

This is the celebration of change, jubilee, moving towards debt-free, all loving, all forgiving, and embracing everything because I know theres always a lesson, blessings, or both.



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