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Is the grass greener on the other side?

Last week I was studying the Ten Commandments with my sisters in the Lord. When we got together to discuss the Ten Commandments we were pretty much convicted by our short comings. This was a reminder that none of us are perfect but Jesus.

I realized that I struggled the most with not to covet thy neighbor. This commandment speaks about desiring things that other people have. Not everyone has the same feeling I do but I struggle when I see the way people dress, do their makeup, their bodies, houses, cars and even relationships.

This is something that I know I shouldn’t do but is something I do a lot. Ever since I’ve been pregnant I go on Pinterest and look up things for pregnancy and I see these moms with nice bodies and they are all baby. Meanwhile I’ve already gained all the baby weight I need to and I’m 7 months pregnant.

Yet today I found myself thinking differently about his topic, thank the Lord! I realized that I don’t know what it took for that person to get like that. Since Valentine’s Day just passed and everyone was posting there gifts and how much they love their significant others I stayed away from social media.

I chose not to let myself go down that rabbit hole. Especially because this was one day of the year and nobody knows how their relationship is the other 364 days out of the year.

What has really been on my mind is every one shows the success but no one shows the struggle. I wonder why that is. When I think about what they went through to get what they have then I think again about wanting what someone else has.

Everything that God has for me is for me and I’m not in no rush to get it. Yes this struggle has not ended over night but with God I know I will be free from the spirit of jealousy and the change in my perspective is the beginning.

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