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Hey World


My name is Jepera Kendice Padilla. I was born in New York City raised in New Jersey and have been in Savannah, GA for over 13 years now. I am married and have a one child.

My life has changed so much in just a few years it is amazing. I am currently a senior at Savannah State University majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in journalism.

I am currently taking summer classes so I can graduate by Dec 2018. Summer classes are proving themselves to be filled with so much work. I know that God will get me through them with excellence.

By the way I am very spiritual and I love God. I consider myself as spiritual and not religious. Yet some get it confused which is not my problem.

Time has grown me into the women I now am and I embrace every part of her the good bad and the ugly. On here I will be posting my feelings and opinions about whats going on in the world and my every day life.

This will be an outlet for me to practice writing daily, share my ideas with the world and to inspire and uplift others with writing. I hope this blog will be enjoyable and that soon it will be read by people of all backgrounds and ages.


Jepera Padilla

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