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Hello, Mom?

Another Mother's Day has come and gone..

I can't believe it's been a whole 'nother year.

Some days, it seems as if time is standing still.

Other times, blink and months have passed by..

There was a gift basket to make today.

Burlington, pretty neat store.

I grabbed some Vitamin C under-eye placements,

fluffy slippers, a makeup bag, and facial wipes!

Cucumber Aloe, Rose Water, so so fresh.

Then, a pause.

Almost movie-like. *Cue nostalgic instrumentals*

Questions. Lots of questions.

What does my mom like? What is her favorite color?

What does she get lots of, but never actually uses to the full?

I seem to collect body mists.

Switching from "Into the Night" to "At the Beach" to "Warm Vanilla Sugar"

to "Velvet Petals" (Can you tell I love Bath & Body Works?)

It can be any day of the year, of the week-

And if I'm home, while my mother isn't, I'll walk into her room.

As parents, I'm sure that's been done with the kids every now and again-

Y'all don't come at me now lol.

I simply browse the surface.

Things on her dresser/mirror.

Stuff on her bathroom counter.

Maybe there's a new addition to one of the walls,

or a new space that needs to be filled.

I touch the blankets, check for any signs of wear and tear.

Oh look, a new warmer. She's only used wallflowers before.

Maybe now I can get an idea of wax warmer melts.

I take a long whiff of the scent, gather up bottom notes, mid notes, top notes-

Aroma connoisseur if you will.

I hear her truck park in the driveway.

I leave the room.

Thankfully, I got some new ideas.

She walks in, places her purse down. It's still the same mauve-y one.

She seems to really like that color tone. At least in purses.

She places her keys on the hanger and walks to her room.

She left the door slightly open.

That usually means it's okay to stay in the living room.

"Hello, Mom"

I can imagine this as a conversation starter between daughters and mothers.

There was a basket made today.

Burlington, pretty neat store.

Questions. Lots of questions.

And in it all-

God will never leave you,

God will never forsake you,

He will never abandon you,

You can talk to Him, and He hears you,

You can ask Him questions, for help,

and He will speak to you, guide you, and love you

through and through,

You can simply sit and He will join you, and long

to listen to you about your day even though He's seen it all,

laugh with you, cry with you

Hold you and embrace you

(Photo credit: Letterpile)


thank You for Your deep love, thank You for taking the time to care for and embrace the person reading this, may they feel it immensely, and if they happen to experience an estranged relationship or disconnection from their mother, be it any form- emotional, physical

thank You for Your comfort and cover them with it Lord like the softest blanket ever made, thank You for wholeness that can only come from You when relationships may fail, Your love never fails, I ask that You fill any empty places Lord with Your loving-kindness, Your tenderness, Your warmth, and Your truth- that they matter to You, are adored by You, cherished by You, may they know to their core that You so uniquely formed them in a specific womb and it was no mistake, Your purpose Lord has not left them, may we extend grace and mercy as you do daily toward us, may we choose forgiveness, as you toward us, thank You Lord, in honor and glory to You on this day, in Jesus' name, Amen.

Hugs, L.

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