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Encouraged by the Lord

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I mentioned in a previous post the trials and tribulations that comes in marriage. Yet I’m reminded that test and trials come to make you stronger not to break you.

Just when I got to a place where I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, God came through. Encouraging me through a video that I watched on YouTube by Marcus Rogers.

In the video he talks about how God see’s all and he is with us even when the circumstances seem to feel unfavorable or we are hurt, rejected, or broken-hearted. These were all words to describe how I felt inside myself.

The even crazier part was earlier that day I was sitting with my baby trying to comfort him and console him because he’s teething. He is going through a phase of teething where he is getting a mouth full of teeth at one time.

I hate to see him in the pain. I tried to hold him but most of the time he just kicked and scream. Not even realizing the effort I was putting into to help him.

Then I thought I wonder does God feels like this with me or his other children. Like we are going through hurt instead of turning to him we try to figure it out ourselves.

God is there saying let me comfort you, I have the answer, I can give you what you need in this time, yet we reject it. We cry, turn to friends and family, shop, and do whatever it is we feel will ultimately help us feel better.

Some of these quick fixes make us feel good but never fill the void which only God can fill. After sitting with my baby and finally getting him to be calm, I began to watch the YouTube video. One of the things Rogers said that stuck out was God just wants you to look to him and not put your trust into other Gods.

I realized that every time I go through, I vent to my friends, try to find my own solutions, or just began to cry and feel down and out. Today though, instead of being focused on what was going on around me, I decided to focus on God. To ask him for the answer, comfort, and strength to get through.

Things with my husband was not as rocky on today. God had calmed the rough and rocky seas and reminded me that he is God alone.

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